Wednesday, June 27, 2012

last night at the hapa popup at wing wings

last night, i was still working on a few things at home when i saw the wing wings folks tweet out that there was a line out of the door at the opening of the hapa popup. my first thought was "hell yeah!" then i thought..."oh, this will mean that hapa will likely sell out of foie before i get there." i think it is pretty well known that i avoid crowds whenever possible...even hapa crowds...unless i'm working service of course. so i just settled back into work for a couple of more hours before i made my way over to wing wings to see how everyone was doing. 

service was slammin and dishes were quickly being sold out. 

as i was observing from the sidelines, i was thinking about how there is a grace to service that i still appreciate.

for me, even if i'm not working service at the tuesday popup, i still show up. it is more to show my support...check-in with everyone....provide some small treats to hopefully ease the pace of such a long day.

sometimes, it really is just letting folks you care about know that you give a shit. for the hapa is an extremely long day as everyone is at the ferry building farmers market for the first shift...then everyone heads over to the lower haight for the second shift. i also think it is rather mind boggling that the wing wings folks provide their space on tuesday nights for the popups....when that is their only night off.  as i have referenced before, this is just a single example of how the wing wings folks are supportive of building community. over the past year, i find that they are remarkably press shy in the ways they support and collaborate with local food vendors. they are people that don't really shout from the rooftops about what they do...they just do it.  for those of you that read me an ongoing basis, it will be no surprise to you that i have a lot of respect for them and definitely appreciate that they open up their space for the hapa family.

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